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Although the event is now very popular, the fun is in watching all sorts of people who come to Bognor for the event. The competitors are a right mix, and there is generally a Batman or a Superman there each year. Amongst the many foolhardy folks there, you may find a green magic dragon whose wings misfunction; a fun loving guy with a flying carpet that stalls; a nutter who is the spitting image of Dracula, whose cape mysteriously fails to open; a crazy American chap with a beak and a three inch propellor on his head, or maybe an alien from the planet Zarg whose alien antennas did not give him the lift he expected.

International Birdman competitor  Bognor Birdman
You may well see some Bognor Birdmen who think that an umbrella is going to provide them with the lift necessary to fly.

International Birdman competition  Bognor Birdman competitor

One or two souls are semi-serious and take part in hang glider-esque contraptions. One chap, Ron Freeman does such a thing year after year, and each year his aircraft, as he lovingly refers to his battered old hang glider, needs serious repair work. Good for Ron though to take part - most serious hang gliders won't put their gliders anywhere near the competition for fear of personal ridicule and damage to their flying machine. Look around this Bognor Birdman site and you will get a feel for the kind of nutters who have been Bognor Birdmen in the past. These are just a few Bognor Birdman pictures. As you can see some Bognor Birdmen are nutters, some are serious, but overall it's a fun day out for all who take part, and their friends.

Arun District Council  Arun District Councillor

Bognor Birdmen Pictures

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